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Artistania eV is a non-profit association that has been involved in Berlin for 8 years. Our mission is the promotion of artistic projects between individuals with different cultural and social backgrounds in order to combat hostility and xenophobia. Artistania offers a space for this, as well as creative, technical and ideal support and helps these projects to gain public awareness.


The Artistania eV, as the sponsor of the Carnival for the Future, has set the goal of working with "suppressed knowledge" (see M. Foucault) and unconventional art forms. Artistania places particular emphasis on the cultural and social diversity of the participants in the art projects. All those involved are here as both teachers and as learners.


The pronounced distinction between artist / non-artist and professional / amateur should be eliminated. We cultivate a culture of learning in our workshops without pressure to perform. Everything grows out of personal curiosity.

With this guiding principle, we design the idea workshops on site and the artistic workshops in our studios. The combination of diverse opportunities to participate, a global topic with a radically local reference, humor, artistic expression, and the (self)-perceptibility in public space are the core elements of the co-production.


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