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As a group

Are you a group / initiative and do you care about the environment? You are welcome to show your work through artistic expression at the parade!

Take part in our workshops

Are you an artist / creator of culture and would you like to make a creative contribution to the move? Then write us your ideas!

Join an existing group

Join a group for the parade. Here you can find a list of groups. More information coming soon!

Share your ideas

Do you want to raise awareness about environmental issues, but don't know how? Introduce yourself to us and together we can find a way for you to make a creative contribution in our idea workshops.

With an artistic contribution

Are you an artist / culture creator, and would you like to make a creative contribution to the parade? Then send us your ideas!

Lead a workshop

Organize a group and workshop for the parade and we can help you with the execution and communication. 

Become a volunteer

We're looking for helping hands at the parade, and while we prepare!

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